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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 6, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> good evening. our cold snap has led to 4 deaths in the bay area we are sorry to say and we are getting more freezing thing temperature, rain and snow tonight. santa clara county health officials tonight are stepping up their efforts to the reach out to the homeless. since november 28 4 homeless men all in their 40's and 50's relatively young died from hypothermia. they literally
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froze to death. 3 of the victims died over the past two days. as the temperatures turn so bitterly cold. one person died in open garage in saratoga. 3 others in san jos jose. >> now here's live look at current conditions along highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains. this is just past summit road. it started raining here earlier this evening. this road is notoriously dangerous and the rain and snow. writ now things aren't moving smoothly. let's head to the north bay where there is some snow. this advertise highway 29 near calistoga where the snowplows have already been dispatched. there is more of this to come too as the cold front moves to the south of us. snow is expected on mount hamilton and diablo east bay. we give you the latest on the weather spencer. >> start with words you of don't hear in the bay area. snow has arrived. here's a look at live doppler 7hd. we know rain has arrived. wide spread as you can see from the
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north by to the central part of the bay area down to the south by and santa cruz mountains but up in the north bay for several hours now we have been getting a little snow filtering down from the north as cold air meets the moisture so up in the parts of northern napa county and northern sonoma county we have some snow in the higher el vision and of course we have rainfall spreading down to the south bay and santa cruz mountains and eventually snow collect in those areas as well in the higher elevation. this is where we have our winter weather advisory for above 1500 feet until 6:00 a.m. in the north bay mountains and above 2500 feet santa cruz mountains east bay hills diablo range in effect from 1:00 a.m. to continue am 2 to 4 inches of snow could accumulate in those elevation also. closer look at the complete weekend forecast in a few minutes. >> thanks very much. >> good time to remind you as the storm manufactures through to get the weather app that gives you hourly temperature forecast and severe weather alert. down load for free at
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this web site. the kind of weather we are having is remin reminder of how helpful that app can be. >> power outage sent some benecia rest didn't on deep freeze terrible timing. power rae stored but total of 4100 customers lost electricity early this morning. out am was caused by the failure of underground cable from what we understand some schools shuffle students to the sun yebingt warmest classroom and alter the lesson plan day. it's probably about 25 degrees in there. because they know it's about just shy of 30 here and in there it's not, it's actually colder. it's pure cement. >>reporter: power was restored by lunch time to all 3 schools that were affected. in the north bay repair services getting a lot of call to fix faulty heater systems as people turn on their heater for the first time in a year many find out they just don't work properly. and they need to be serviced in order to get up and
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running. farther north 101 closed north of will its in mendocino county because of snow and traffic accidents it has caused. no estimated too im so far on when it might reopen. storm system bringing snow to tahoe of course. this is the camera on enter state 80 at castle peak. chains required if you are driving on i 80 so heading up, know. that 1 to 2 feet likely by tomorrow. greater truckee tahoe ream is under a winter storm warning until 10:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. now as the temperatures dip below freezing in the central valleyize single formed on some of the citrus trees. grower association says the industry has spent 12.4 million dollars on frost protection measures including wind machine and extra irrigation. temperature drop from 31 to 28 degrees in the fresno county area this morning so below freezing a real problem for them. growers say anything under 28 degrees for more than 45 minutes can damage
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the fruit. citrus growers association says any damage to the fruit is likely limited and not expected to significantly affect price or supply at least not at this point. >> we are keeping on top of the cold snap and any problems it's causing. join us for live team coverage on our site on channel 7 and remind you when you have the time check us out on twitter and keep you updated on breaking news there as well. >> developing news here right now international incident is over in. palo alto man held captive in north korea since october is coming home. home for the holiday. north korea state news agency announced tonight that the country has now deported new man. north korea authorities arrested him while on the plane to leave the country october 26. took him off the plane put him in custody. last we can north korea released this video climateing that new man apologiesed for crimes he committed during the korean war. new man belonged to secret will tear group and
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aided gorilla during the war. he reportedly tried to cop tact members of the unit on his trip no. word when he will ariff back in the united states but he is on his way. >> vice president biden praised new man rae lease. he met with government leaders in south korea spoke with new man by phone after his release. vice president also said i offered him a ride home on air force 2 but as he pointed out there's a direct flight to san francisco so i don't blame him i would be on that flight, too. he wanted to come straight home. >> south africa is holding a series of events to honor nelson mandela who died yesterday at the edge of 95. sunday will be national day of prayer and reflection. on tuesday a memorial service will take place in johannesburg stadium. the anti-apartheid leader body will lie in state starting wednesday until his burial on sunday december 15. president obama and the first lady will travel to south
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africa next week to pay their respects. >> always love him for teaching us that it is possible to overcome hatred and anger in order to build a new nation and a new society. >>reporter: retired ash bish told mourners at cape town people best way to honor him is to value unity and democracy that he embodied. >> in the spring of 93 85 students at uc berkeley led a protest that bring change to south africa ultimately. 7 news reporter spoke w-2 former students who helped win the apartheid in south africa. these papers were typed by students with a plan to help end apartheid in south africa. year was 1985 and the students were from uc berkeley. california assembly woman nancy
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skinner was the leader of the student difficult vest committee. >> it was students and city leaders and it was the if is to difficult vest 1979 so there was already activism. >>reporter: there were daily rally at this plaza. students quickly began camping out. berkeley police staged a raid and arrested does he says of protestors. one leader of those demonstrations was student body president pedro. who spoke to us by skype from new york. >> i think our protest played in a role in elevating the issue and generating broad support for the issue. >> all that is left of the future is now. >>reporter: by now the movement had gained a lot of media attention and interest of professor, celebrity and lawmakers. >> ask the question what the hell is the university of california doing making profit
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from slave system in 1986? a then speaker of the calf assembly will brown was in serrated to address the crowd and help convince the uc regent to vote to withdraw the university investment in businesses trading with south africa. a little over a year after the protest began, the regent voted on 3 year plan to difficulty veingt their hold ntion south africa. the first vote was the rage vote that caused california to become the identifiable capitol of the movement kill apartheid e-and memorial to remember the life and legacy of nelson mandela will take place in the rotunda of city hall in san francisco on wednesday at 8:00 o'clock in the morning. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> hotel security guard in san jose jumped into action after speeding driver plowed into a squad car early this morning.
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police say the driver of this cadillac smashed into one of their patrol cars at west san carlos and south boulevard before 6:00 a.m. officer was stopped at the red light. both the officer and the driver were hurt. suspect tried to run away that's when the security guard tackled him. he's lucky he wasn't part of the accident. >> one 0our security officers had been standing outside the officer car just chatting with him. literally just stepped back as the officer i guess was about to leave. stepped back on to the sidewalk and thank god very fortunate that's when the accident occurred. >>reporter: driver of the cadillac faces charge of felony hit-and-run. neither he or the officer injuries are life threatening. >> the san francisco authorities have arrested a man they think is responsible for despicable crime throwing 2 cats into the bay. eric le roy patterson was arrested at embarcadero 4, do you want san francisco, after people called in tips as to where he might b
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be. police say he resisted arrest and as a result may have to spend some time at san francisco general hospital. investigators say a woman was carrying her 2 cat ins a carrier last week when patterson suddenly grabbed the carrier and threw it right there into the bay. well, you can see washington happened to the carrier badly damaged. both cats died. police say patterson has a history of assaults. >> well more to bring you on this busy friday night. technology is changing the way your children are learning in school. still ahead here. you will meet some of the people behind this education revolution that is happening. also baby seat that has some parents outraged. why they say it is just going too far. >> california man on mission. just how long he plans on ringing that bell. you know it's hard to believe an amazing effort he makes. i'll have the
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[son] all right,she has no idea. [man] no one told her,right? [son]hi! [mom screams]
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your season is here. let's just call it the baking time of year. you need special ingredients. you need the staples for homemade.
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you need safeway sugar for just a buck eighty-eight. and that magic thing that makes everyone want another only two ninety-nine for challenge butter. and when hands get messy, quite surely they'll say, yum! wow! yay! what a sweeter holiday. safeway. ingredients for life. >> most of us had to adapt to the internet but all young people have ever known. so schools are now race to go make children education as modern and connected as the rest of their lives. away from the classroom. and this week that effort got a very big pwingt from 2 of the most influential names in tech. here's jonathan
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bloom. >> when mike teaches math technology is everywhere. how he collects the homework. l and goes over the trouble spots. >> this is quul to? 144. >>reporter: take a rubber style and i-pad and power point it equals a class ramp full of kids who are paying attention. >> totally engage with the kid they love it. and you just can see their eye open when they sea technology on the big screen. >>reporter: it's the new face of education. for new generation of learners. >> these kids are dinl tl native and this is their world. they were completely engage entered the math class. >>reporter: never mind the i-pad and fancy pro 86 screen. most important ingredient is one you can't see. this middle school has blazingly fasten net connection. luxury that half the schools in san mateo county don't have. >> typical school in america has the same internet access as typical home but they have 500 or in the case of this school over 800 kid trying to use that
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band width e-the head of the education super highway non-profit out to change that with some serious help. they just received 9 million dollars from microsoft founder bill gates and facebook founder zuckerberg among others. >> i think what bill mark and others realize is we are at a tipping point writ now in terms of technology be able to really make a difference. >>reporter: he envision a world where dozens of class room stream video at once using world event like the passing of nelson mandela as teachable moment but to good it there the super highway has to find out which schools need the upgrade, connect them with federal grant money and help in spending it the best which possible. superintendent says investing is good for silicon valley. >> to have the work force they need to keep it competitive moving forward we need to invest in our public school. nice to see the great partnership, >> 7 news. >> some parents are sounding off after fisher price
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introduced a new baby bounce seat complete with an i-pad holder. this video shows how the new activity seat works. toy company says it puts play and learning at baby finger tips but speed limit parents say they are disgusted some rae view on amazon call it one of the quote worst ideas for a baby product. sign of the times. any way, spencer is had the weather forecast. another chilly night and rain mix in there. >> we have i hope deed. cold weather sipe of our times indeed. let's go to have live doppler 7hd and the messy picture. we have rain spread all over the bay area rate now. in someplaces heavier than others. we have snow in some of the higher peak north bay already. not heavy snow but could accumulate in the over nature hours. live view across the bay as we look at the morning record low for this date. not all time record but for this date. 25 degrees at nap a.working the old record 29
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set back in 1948. 26 was the low in livermore. tying existing record for this date so quickly pretty cold around the bay area. not balmy out over san francisco. 50 degrees in the city here. 51 in oakland. 52 at half moon bay. live view from east bay camera in emeryville. cloud over the bay area. writtening -- raining in some spots. temperatures low to mid 40's for most of the locations upper 40's at napa and novato. on to one more live view from our exploring camera looking clouds over the bay if you look towards the bay bridge, forecast feature snow levels did you know to 1500 and 2500 feet. very unusual in the bay area. rain with us through tomorrow morning and freezing warning won't depart for a couple days. low pressure system the cold storm dropping south ward ahead of it that
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cold front slicing through the bay area right now start our forecast animation 11:00 o'clock tonight and we'll see the rain pushing south ward as the front swings through. dry mainly dry cold air behind the front some cold air cause some of the precision of course turn into snow. clearing out early tomorrow. paperly sunday afternoon but cold. bay area snow winter weather advisory in effect. until 6:00 o'clock tomorrow morning with north by mountains with snow level down to 1500 feet. infect from 1:00 a.m. to continue am tomorrow for the if santa cruz mountains east bay hills, dab blow range 2 to 4 inches of snow above 2 2500 feet. >> on we good to coverage for the state. northern california down through the sierra even into the situation era fool foot hills. saturday at 4:00 p.m. 3 to 12 inches of snow likely in the foot hills. one
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to 2 feet in the mount and major travel delay of course are likely. back to the bay area tonight we expect low pressure to be mainly in the mid to upper 30's right around 40 at some spots. of course we have rainy conditions overnight then tomorrow mainly sunny by afternoon with high pressure talking afternoon high here freeze watching for sunday 2 to 9 am subject breezing -- freezing for every part of the bay area. exposed pipe may burst. here's 7 day forecast after 2 frigid mornings sunday monday we finally get temperatures moderating on tuesday and get back to more normal levels of wednesday thursday and friday t.slight chance of rain by next thursda thursday. no big deal. it's the rainy certainly need more rain. >> wednesday 56 greex. >> can't wait for that. beach weather. >> thanks very much. >> just ahead here tonight.
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man with a red kettle. a little bell and an iron will. how he wrang his way into the record book and not finished yet. >> also the wild wicked weather affecting much of the country affecting much of the country tonight is really causing
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. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. fichlt president obama threw the switch bathing national christmas tree in lights tonight and giving otherwise dreary night in the nation capitol a festive and seasonal spirit. abbreviate the the
9:25 pm
count down from 10 to 5 because of the cold wet weather. 91st annual tree lighting. as soon as the tree burst in colors miss franklin sang ji to the world. l. >> salvation army red kettle bell ringer in southern california has not stopped for 84 straight hours. t this woman is trying to surpass wold record for continuous hand bell ringing by an individual at salvation army red kaelingts kechlingts he already top the old record of 80 hours. again he's at 84 at this point. his goal 100 hours. hadn't gone as plan. while he was ringing somebody stole the listen top. he's positive. >> frustrating advertise pointing that someone would do something like that. but it happens and tm nobody got hurt so that's more important. >> still pretty bad. contest
9:26 pm
starred at then am on tuesday as of now 4 people including this man are still ringing. bell is to promote salvation army red kettle campaign. he hopes to raise 10,000 dollars. 84 hours and counting good for him. >> this hotel difficult soap abc 7 team up with local feeding america food bank and we would love to get your help. go to our facebook page and take the pledge to give where you live. with each pledge we donate 1 dollars in your honest to the foot bank up to 75,000 dollars and good deed to be reward. everyone who takes the pledge will be entered to win 7000 dollars cash money. the winner will be announced on december 19 0so spread the love and help us give where you liv live. tremendous. please go to the site an get involved in this campaign thank you. >> wall street gets a boost after positive job report. still analyst say there could
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be down days ahead as we check this out. where bad weather made for rough ride for one pilot? how would you like to be on that plane? >> then technology developed in the bay area that is helping people looking to get pit take a step in the rise direction. >> stay with us back with another half hour of 7 news at another half hour of 7 news at 9:00 a subaru... ...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event.
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9:31 pm
rain and precipitation that is moving through the bay area. won't produce a lot of rain or precipitation in terms of an amount but it will make for very cold and dreary night. starting in the north bay moving to the south. spencer had been pack in just a few minutes with the full forecast but that look gives awe sense of why we are getting such a good soaking out there tonight on this bitter evening. hive to tahoe where they get snow as you can see. here's current conditions from the lake tahoe camera. shaping up to be a good weekend for skiers and snowboarders. up to 2 feet of snow expected by tomorrow. keep in mind if heading up 50 or 80 up to this part of tahoe to heavenly chains required on 80 tonight so make sure you are prepared for the trip. >> severe winter weather storm freezing parts of the country is really having dramatic effect for a lot of people around cunt try. steve fv from the heart of the ice storm in
9:32 pm
arkansas. >>reporter: black ice. white ice. they are calling ice friday stretching 2000 miles across the country of the country turning road into ice rink with massive broken snow. it killed at least 6 people. northern arkansas today man killed we know ice tree came falling did you know on his home and this was the power line in fayetteville. ice won. back in the city the driver of this little bus nearly lost it on a slick road. family stuck at home or in their car stuck on the road. >> has to be bad if the medical school closes. >>reporter: rbts says this shouldn't be happening in the south. he had no gloves or beauty and scrape the eyes off the car. i nobody it's really
9:33 pm
ready for when it comes. >> thinks what family resources to clear the street. all day long and we saw one lonely snowplow. over in text wait of the ice snow brought did you know to the roof of the marina cancelled the dallas marathon. thousands of family still in the bark there. >> seven hour eye storm left 200,000 homes and dallas without power. they snapped and brought down power lines around the best niment. crew brought in from other states before the start are working over time to pre-move the lines and remove the lines. >> now those winter storms led to mass cancellation at airport across the country. dallas ft. worth the hoffest hit. several
9:34 pm
inches of snow pwird the depar. 7 75 percent of the flight skod an. more than 2000 u.s. flights and 700 fights worldwide cancelled today because of the bad weather. but not just here. storm sweeping across parts of you're cause trouble for one pilot in britain. he tried to land yesterday with high his first miles per hour you can see it coming in after multi-tell landing asick. pl imagine how unnerving that was twe am. >> made freeway sign displaying amber alert kidnapped in washington state that may passing through california. police say 14-year-old elizabeth row mare 0was taken by her boy friend, 19-year-old eduardo florez row sal east.
9:35 pm
surveillance video from high school shows her getting into her ford green escape. police have not released the actual license plate number of the skuvt and is pack to go why they think he might be passing through california so we should all be on the look out driving around. >> weather may cold but the economy seems to be warming up. labor department november jobs report shows the unemployment rate dipped to 7% down from october 7.3 percent. employers added 2 $3,000 jobs. as we knowy explains that report was just washington wall street needed. >> stock finished the day up big. dow gained 200 points after the labor department released jobs report. unemployment rate dropped 3/10s lowest in 5 years. >> nobody who works on the issues in the administration is
9:36 pm
satisfied even with the steady progress that we have been making and prostive news today. >>reporter: employers added more than 200,000 jobs in november. better than what economist had expected. almost a quarter of them in high paying industries like construction and manufacturing. the september october numbers were also revised 0to show more growth. stock market reacted favorably amist believe there could be some down days ahead if the federal reserve taper the economic stimulus program when it meets later this month. >> stimulus is grit for stock and belief is when the feds back from that it will deflate stocks. >>reporter: report wasn't all rosey. it shows hourly earnings went up 4 cents and only 2% over the last year. >> although some of the jobs are in lower earning categories like 'by at that time and retail, this is the fourth straight month of substantial hiring in the u.s. possible sign that the economy is truly recovering. wendy gillette abc
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news new york. >>reporter: all right coming up next. wiring up to lose weight. see how a did he vase help people shed pounds. >> also researchers say they have discovered a new way viagra can help women. i'll be [ female announcer ] for those who love sweets your season is here. let's just call it the baking time of year.
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>> look at this. really strange sight in bakersfield today as parked car gets swallowed up by a sink hole. police received a call at 5:30 this morning from the owner of the vehicle who told officers his set of wheels was swallowed up trunk first down it goes. city public works operation manager says crew were able to pull the car out but damage to the car was extensive as you can imagine. the sink hole was created by a deteriorating sewer line which was scheduled to be repaired next week.
9:41 pm
imagine calling the claims adjuster and explaining that one. >> well could the latest diet craze be as simple as taking a walk? more people are tracking the steps to lose weight and many are using technology developed rate here in the bay area to do that. here's health science reporter carolyn johnson. >> chris walks 5 miles a day just getting around the store in downtown oakland. he knows exactly how many steps he takes thanks to tiny tracker in his pocket called fit bit. >> changed my life basically. >> it's one of growing number of wearable electronic that has people wiring up to lose weight. >> i went from like a two xl to medium and 40 inches waist to 29 inch waist. >> he started using fit bit about two years ago. >> i hate exercising. with a fashion. walk to go me isn't exercise. >> stores like this best buy have struggled to keep them in stock. >> at one point there was such large demand they were playing in off the shelf. >> 2 san francisco company are leading the pack. they both
9:42 pm
track the movement during the day and record the sleep pattern at night. they also come with 3 app that help you keep track of the number of calorie you burn and eat. enter in what you ate on the fit bit app or scan a bar code with the jaw bone app. last month this was released flex foyvrments i have gone from 80 mye to 100 in the last two years and product carried in 20,000 stores worldwide. >>reporter: the ideae involved from nintendo first game that allowed people to interact with game by moving. >> really amazed at the way they combined sensor motion sensor and really made soft which are to change the way people thought about guysing. >>reporter: thate involved into wearable did he advice and scales to help people get trim. >> we know there's huge gap between intention and action. what they think they are doing and tallly doing. >>reporter: this is called up. >> this track movement throughout the day and sleep at tonight and then in the application you can see what
9:43 pm
you are doing. >>reporter: both app allow user to set goal and share with friends on social media. sharon is nutrition council already at california medical center in san francisco recommending the trackers to patients. >> it's trackable whereas before i think i did this. maybe i'll do that. it's trackable and trace afternoon. i think that's one of the reasons why people can do so much better with those things. >>reporter: chris says he can't stop telling people about how tracking his steps improved his health. >> fantastic experience. i recommended it to a at any of friends also seeing results. >>reporter: carolyn i don't know son abc 7 news. >> both the fit bit flex and jaw bone up cost just under 130 dollars if you lack for something to help you fulfill new years rest logs. >> researchers come up with another use for viagra for women. moderate severe menstrual cramp reported less pain after taking that little blue pill. scientist at penn
9:44 pm
state college of medicine conducted the research says it boost blood flow to the pelvic region f.future studies confirm the findings viagra could be a treatment option for some wome women. >> all right just ahead here. man who beat out miley cyrus as the world most interesting person. >> also beer. some believe that they like it so much it created a black market for it. courageous price. can't believe how much it's selling for. keeping watching on live doppler 7hd tracking the rain and snow in the bay area dreary and snow in the bay area dreary
9:45 pm
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enroll now at [ man ] they're big. strength that has withstood the test of time. strength we can count on. same with aladdin. aladdin became the biggest in bail by treating people right. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional than aladdin. that's why more people turn to us for help. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. aladdin bail bonds. . >> egyptian army chef has been
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voted times person of the year in the magazine annual reader poll. he is responsible for toppling the first democratcly elected government of egypt. he received nearly 500,000 votes from time readers, 26 percent of the total. time says he got massive support from people in egypt who generated largest number of votes in the poll understandably. turkey president came in second with miley cyrus in third. no fooling. official time person of the year is chosen by the magazine editor and will be announced next wednesday. i doubt it's miley but we'll see. >> electric guitar bob dill land famously played in the 1965 newport folk if he is have sold at auction today for 9 65,000 dollars. it is a record for guitar sold at auction. christy says absentee buyer purchased the fender guitar it
9:49 pm
was move from acoustic to electric rock and roll. guitar has been in the possession of new jersey family for nearly 50 years. dillon left it open a pr by the owner's late father. >> craft brew industry is boo booming but many of the brew are sold in limited 80's and that is creating a black market now. brewers say they are seeing some beer offered for hundreds of dollars. particularly once that are hard to find in short supply or illegal even to ship. executive at russian river pwrawing in santa rosa says she found hundreds office posts on ebay last year selling hard to get beer at very high prices. but she says the pwrurs told ebay and web site now note that sales of contain we are alcohol are not allowed. woman charged recently with eling selling 5 of the heady topper for $825 a case on craigslist. >> wow! spencer more of a wine
9:50 pm
guy. let's go back and update the forecast. >> i am but i don't put down anybody who stores beers. we have precipitation all over the place but here is snow. heavy snow in the sierra. heavenly camera at lake tahoe at just how furiously it is snowing at this elevation. higher elevation in the sierra this storm get 1 to 2 feet snow bal ball. we won't get that in the bay area but back here you can see we will have some snow at the higher peak in the bay are area. winter weather advisory in effect above 1500 feet north bay mountain, above 2500 feet for the other mountains in the bay area from 1 to 10 am where we expect to see 2 to 4 inches of accumulating snow. not big deal in the sierra but big deal here tomorrow state wide mainly dry conditions except for the ongoing snow in the sierra written in southern california. bay area we are clearing out tomorrow but chilly. high reaching only into the mid
9:51 pm
upper 40's. here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast cold morning on sunday and cold morning on monday. but things start to moderate on tuesday midweek next week temperatures back up in the average range this time of the year but it's some very chilly overnight early morning next few day so go out early in the morning is bundle up. >> kind of raw out. >> larry is here. warriors basketball. >> yes they were right around your temperature. low in terms of shooting percentage. >> that's too bad. >> not good. come bang act again tonight this time in houston but this just in. rocket not the rafter. how often do you see seth often do you see seth somewhating air ball andm.
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>> coming up tonight on 7 news at 11 ochlt you will hear from vice president biden about the release of palo alto veteran new map. >> bay area deep freeze
9:55 pm
continues. will we see even more snow. update the forecast and light wars. national battle over who has the best christmas lights and the bay area family had a is going for the prize. those stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11 over on channel 7. >> that's pretty. >> hate to see the power bill. >> commitment. >> i love the commitment. in sports. warriors committed just not accurate after pulling off an amazing 27 point come back against toronto. warriors again found themselves in come become mode tonight in houston. safe to say going forward coach jackson would prefer not to be trailing by 27 every single night. warriors get the first look at superman dwight howard this season as they rocket and force down low. james with a miss. howard gets grabbing that for all the rebound and 22 points 18 board. 12 of 20 at the line. warrior shot 27 percent in the first half. the air ball there. had
9:56 pm
he 22 points. team shot 36 percent over all. james someone handed thunder. he led all score with 34 points as the rockets roll to victory 105-83. warriors fall 11 and 9 on the season. to grinch on happened in carolina. hurricane hosting the shark first period jason the slap shot from the point deflected by tommy. shark build 2 nothing lead. alex stay lock between the pipes. totally screen here no. chance like double deflexion in front. that tied it at 2. sharks respond and answer with some pressure. justin a one time tore beat cam ward tied at 3 but carry listen a strong late and another deflexion. 4-3 canes add empty net goal to make the time 5-3 carolina. we get fired up about soccer in the united states pretty much every 4 years world cup comes around next year the eye of the world turn to brazil. today the world cup draw was hell.
9:57 pm
not at all keep of the united states. don't have to be soccer expert to know when you land in the group of death it's not a good thing. they call it group of death for a reason people. okay. u.s. qualified for the world cup but portugal ghana top 2 team from each group. germany favored to win. portugal fifth best players of the game and ghana knocked the u.s. out of the previous 2 world cup. host country brazil was in group a with croasia, mexico el tree and cameroon here's head coach who know just getting out of group play very tough. >> it's one of the most difficult groups in the whole draw having portugal and renaldo and ghana history with the united states couldn't get any more difficult or any bigger. but that's world cup
9:58 pm
is about. it's real challenge and i will take it. >> stanford into pack 12 championship game with arizona state with sight set on second consecutive trip to the rose bowl. up between nothing. then had to rolled on 42-28. tomorrow game in tempe. and stanford a 3 point under dog. we start off with gang buster in our game. but they came storming back. they are just a good football team. they have got really good players and all 3 levels on defense. offensively they are good good complete team. >> now chris peterson offered turned down more jobs than you can count but the man who built boise state into national power is leaving university washington replace steve who went to usc. peterson into-12 with the broncos. worth 3 and half million dollars each year. line up on 7, oklahoma and
9:59 pm
oklahoma statement bedlam. at 5:00 o'clock top rank florida state with winston. against duke in the acc title game. highlights at 8:30 on lexus after the game. nba laker star bryant will make the season debut against the raptors sunday at the staple center. tearing the 10 didn't gym against the were yours eight months ago. he announced the news on his own face back page. >> and whole lot of money for second baseman robinson leaving yankees for seattle 10 year 240 million dollar contract. yankees offered 160 chump change. 5 time all star hit 27 homer last year. history says 10 year contract generally not a good they think. unless they are for anchor men. then no question notch question. that's a proven. >> prudent move. >> are you listening boss done. that's our report for all of that's our report for all of us here, we appreciate your [♪]
10:00 pm
why is everyone wearing those hats? is the dean planning another event, or is the greendale hat club struggling to be noteworthy? you're talking about it. i talk about stuff that annoys me. speaking of the dean-- guten tag, homies.


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